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Toll Free:  1(833) 405-2105

Email: info@sunfoil.com

Please use the form below to upload your logo file(s).

Please send the best quality file available of your logo.  Acceptable file types are JPEG, TIFF, and Vector PDF.

A proof will be generated and sent for your approval within 2 business days.  Once your artwork has been approved, please allow 5 to 7 business days for the labels to be printed and returned to Sun-Foil for application on your Sun-Foil Aircraft Sunscreens.


Because of a finish applied to all Sun-Foil Aircraft Sunscreens, logo labels must be applied during the manufacturing process.

If you have any comments or special instructions please use the field for that purpose in the form below, or contact Lynne at info@sunfoil.com or 800-328-1232 or 602-569-9334.